The Little Elm ISD LRFPC members were selected through board member and staff nominations to ensure a diverse cross-section of the Little Elm ISD community. Members include parents, non-parents, campus staff, community and business members, and a mix of backgrounds
and geographic representation.


The LRFPC Maxim must be, “The needs of our children will always outweigh the wants of adults.”


Purpose & Charge:

  • Represent the entire community in the facility planning process
  • Assist the District in evaluating projected growth and other aging and evolving facility needs
  • Assess and prioritize those needs, including, but not limited to:
  • District growth and capacity
  • Building age, safety, and condition
  • Evolving educational delivery and programs
  • Create a long-range vision for the future of district facilities
  • Provide facility and equipment recommendations to the Little Elm ISD Board of Trustees as to how to proceed with a long-range plan including the potential need for a future bond election to fund the recommendation(s).
  • The Little Elm ISD Board of Trustees will determine the structure and content of any potential bond issue based upon the recommendations of the LRFPC.

Committee Members

Aaron Grundmeier

Alex Romero

Alyssa Sanders

Ayanna Grundmeirer

Candace Wilcox

Cathy Hull

Charles Corrales

Clint Carter

Colleen Centera

Dean Clawson

Debbie Clark

Deborah Neal

Deidre Miller

Doug Peach

Frank Felice

Jennifer Barrychuck

Jennifer Frizzell

Jennifer Shields

Kate Freeman

Kendrick Brown

Kim Mills

Lakesha Sims

Linda Janssen

Lynnzi Crow


Mandi Chase

Mark Vanderbrook

Mary Watkins
Rebekah Brown Smith

Sandra Howell

Sarona Winfrey

Stacy Perry

Steve Petrasic

Summer Calendine

Susan LaMarch

Dr. Tiffany Wigington

Tom Kohler

Committee Facilitator:

Mr. Ed Griffin will serve as the committee’s Community Facilitator.
The Facilitator will be leading each committee meeting and facilitating large group discussion to ensure the committee:

  • Remains focused on the purpose and charge of the group
  • Stays on task with the intentionality of making sound data-informed decisions
  • Ensure all ideas and/or positions are able to be shared in an open environment of trust
  • Seeks to build consensus as defined by the group members

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